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Green Card Photo Requirements

For the completion of the Green Card, you will need to provide a passport-sized photo. If you are married, you will need to submit a picture of your spouse as well. If you have children (biological/adopted/step children and any other form of legal parenting), who are under the age of 21, you MUST to upload their pictures as well. All pictures should be made individually, following the instructions below. No family photographs are accepted. Pictures of your legal spouse and children should be provided, regardless of whether they are planning to move to the United States with you or not.

Important: Take note that passport photos vary widely in different countries. While in Italy the dimensions of the digital and paper passport photos are much smaller than the American requirements, in Argentina people don't look straight at the camera, but slightly to the side. The list of examples can go on, but instead, we would like to focus on the US Government Requirements for your Lottery application photo.

Read carefully the instructions provided below, before uploading a digital photo, whether it was made in a professional studio, or in domestic conditions.

Failure to do so will result in rejecting your application.

Improper colors
All digital photos for the Green Card Lottery should be:
  • In color and taken no longer than the last 6 months.
  • Have a white background. No gray/shady/darkened background is acceptable. It must be white.
  • Your full face should be clearly visible, focused, looking straight at the camera. The position of the body should be straight, face, neck and shoulders visible. The area below the shoulders should not be photographed. Neck and face should not be covered. This means no scarfs around the neck, no sunglasses, no hats, no decorative items are allowed.
  • In case a scarf if worn around the head for religious reasons, then the neck can be covered with it, however the face must stay fully visible.
  • Photo resolution: Please, make sure your photo has not been retouched as no alterations of lights, shading, contrast etc are allowed. The photo should be taken in a well lit area, should not be smudged nor stretched or out of focus.
  • In case you wear glasses all the time, you may take your Green Card picture with them, but pay attention to the reflection glare they might cause. If because of your glasses your photo needs to be retouched, to remove the glare, we advise to take a picture without the glasses.
  • The height of the head and the eyes are requested with the following specifications: The height of the head should be 50% to 69% of the height of the complete photo, while the eyes should be at 56% to 69% the height of the whole photo.
  • Black and white photos are absolutely unacceptable. They should be 24 bits per pixel color with 600x600 dimension. If you upload a larger photo, our team of visual specialists will made sure it is submitted in the right dimension.
  • The submission format is JPG or JPEG. However, if you upload a GIF, BMP or a PGN format our visual team will convert them into JPG images.
Click to see examples of incorrect photos:
Glare On Glasses
Head Too Large
Improper Color
Not In Focus
Resolution Too Low
Shadow On Background
Too Dark
Contrast Too High
Head Too Small
Photo Was Retouched
Image Was Stretched
Image Not Portrait View
Shadows On Face
Background Not Plain
Visible/Coarse Pattern

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