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Green Card

General Information

The official lottery name of the Green Card is Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

Ever since created, the Green Card has received an overwhelming amount of applicants. Outside of the lottery, the card can be granted to spouses or children of US citizens, Green Card holders and also to students. But statistically seen, it is actually more common not to fall into these categories, than to do. This is why the Green Card Diversification Lottery was created - to give you a chance in winning a better future in the United States. If you are eligible to apply, this means the US needs someone like you, to diversify their current population. If you win the lottery - you will be able to receive the card in about one year and start your new life.

However, becoming part of a happy-end story is never an easy task. Unfortunately being lucky in this case is not the only thing that will help you win the lottery. Winning is actually only the first step of a long way. You will also need precision, punctuality, cross-chargeability strategies and incredible organization in order to meet all the requirements and deadlines the lottery will put forward. It is essential to have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to be at your service 24/7 in order to guarantee the best Customer Service on the market.

The actual lottery is open only for a month, which is every October. In October 2016 the DV-2018 lottery will begin and the results will be published in May 2017. The winners will be able to begin their life in the US in 2018. But let us tell you about the story of the beginning of the lottery:

The Immigration Act of 1990 established the lottery, which was officially started in the fiscal year of 1995 with originally 55,000 Green Cards being included. However, in the next years the lottery was developing and after reserving 5,000 Green Cards for the NACARA association, the official number of granted Green Card per year has reduced to and still is 50,000 units per year.

It is important to consider that the list of countries, eligible for the lottery, changes every year. One of the most vivid examples is Poland, who has changed its status over 4 times since the lottery began. Click here to view facts and statistics by country.

You should be aware that the lottery is on a “first-come, first-served” basis, which is a strong indication that you should not wait for the actual month of the lottery and apply today! We will manage your application, review it, edit it and prepare it so that you meet all the lottery requirements. Then, the minute the lottery opens, your application will be amongst the first submitted.

Every year the results are out in the month of May, which is when we will send you an email, informing you of your lottery status. You should not worry and check your profile every hour, we will do this for you.

Chances of winning

Roughly speaking, your chances are 1 to 50. But realistically these numbers are incredibly difficult to calculate in advance, since the qualifying countries change every year and with them - the number of people applying. Furthermore, the lottery has been created in a way that guarantees equal chances for all the countries, depending only on the number of the visas already won. Refer to the Facts and Stats to see where does your country of birth position in this list, but bear in mind that the less people have applied from a single country - the bigger chances its citizens have of winning.

Information for the selected winners of the DV lottery:

Applicants should always remember that each year the US State Department chooses much more than the 50,000 designated positions. This is why, no matter the results are out in May, you will see instructions for future interview designation for September, maybe even for October. This should NOT lead you to think you have a lot of time, as this will not be true! Due to the high number of selectees, it is required from you to act fast and accurately. This means to meet all the deadlines, meet the photo and eligibility specifications, otherwise you will not be granted a visa. Regarding the photo, our team will take care of editing the uploaded image.

In some cases a winner may react too late to the response they got from the lottery, they miss their chance as the Green Cards have already been exhausted. This is why our users will have a great advantage over other participants, as GCL will constantly keep them up to date with the latest changes regarding their profile.

Below are the instructions, documents to prepare and recommendations for the winners:

  • The highest priority regarding the application process will be to confirm that you comply with the DV Lottery requirements:

    Verify High School Education status - this exclusively refers to a successfully completed 12-year course of elementary and secondary education, as required in the USA. Substitute diplomas, extra classes and separate educational programs will not be considered valid, if not part of a 12-year educational course, equivalent to the American high school.

    Verify Work Experience Status - Not all work experiences fit the requirements of the Green Card Lottery. Many applicants consider the majority of work experiences qualifying for the U.S. Department of Labor, but what they rarely consider is affirming whether or not their job category fits with the approved ones. You can easily make this check via the official O*Net website. This website provides a database, which divides jobs into five categories and while many are listed, only few of them qualify.

  • Carefully prepare and translate into English all the needed documentation. Prior to the interview you should have carefully read and prepared in advance:

    Your passport

    Education: A certificate, school diploma or transcripts certifying your successful completion of the high school program;

    Work: An official documentation certifying you have completed 2 years or qualifying work experience in the last 5 years, prior to the application.

    Birth certificate: It has to indicate the candidate’s date of birth; place of birth; name of both parents; a footnote from the appropriate authority, confirming the provided documents are certified.

    Prison records: (if applicable) In case of being convicted, the candidate will need to obtain their prison/release/court records and provide official copies of them. The time-frame does not matter. It is important to remember the documents should include exhaustive information about the circumstances of the conviction together with the given sentence or any other imposed penalty or fine.

    Marriage Certificate: All married applicants must include a marriage certificate for their interview, bearing the respective stamps and signatures of the appropriate authorities.

    Divorce Documentation: if applicable) It is not of importance whether the candidate has got divorced before or after the designated interview date, as official records of the marriage termination must be presented during the interview, bearing the information of the final divorce decree; the annulment papers; or death certificate in case the spouse has passed away.

    Military Records: (if applicable) If the candidate has served the military forces, he/she must obtain the respective documents such as military records and bring them to the interview.

    Police Records: (if applicable) The Police records must be obtained by all applicants at the age of 16 or above. The records should embody the whole time of residence in the given area and must be issued by the respective authorities.

    Deportation records: If you have been previously deported from the United States, you need to bring the according documents, providing information on the matter. Having been deported does not mean you can never return to the US, however there is a different year-count, depending on the removal reason. The restriction time may vary from 5 to 20 years.

    Custody records: In case the candidate is adopted, the parents should be able to provide a certified copy of the adoption certificate; address registration for the years after the adoption, showing where the candidate resided together with his parents. Any other relative custody records should be included.

NOTE: The documents listed above may not be complete, depending on the candidate’s nationality. Always remember to consult your local embassy for additional information.

The listed documents and any other that might be required MUST all be presented in original and together with a certified copy, signed, stamped by the appropriate authorities, and photocopied (photocopies might be required).

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